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Jim Bunch, The Ultimate Entrepreneur


Whether it's launching a new business venture or helping someone upgrade their life, there's a common thread you'll find in whatever Jim Bunch does - and that's bringing out the best in the companies and people he works with while personally maintaining an "Ultimate Life".

For over 18 years, Jim has been building businesses and collaborating with people and companies across North America and around the world to help them realize their true and hidden potential. His seminars and workshops have impacted thousands of lives and Jim has worked intimately with top companies.

On the entrepreneurial and business side, Jim started his first business while in college and has been making waves even since. In 1999, he joined forces with his business associates and friends to build the virtual tour pioneer, It was a start-up that attracted over 100,000 clients in less than a year and generated more than $30 million in revenues within 10 months. Bamboo then merged with Ipix and went on to become the world's leading provider of online virtual tours including the imaging infrastructure for Internet companies like eBay.

Jim has also launched two successful companies in the areas of personal and business development. In 2002, he created The Ultimate Game of Life - a company and online, game-like experience that brings balance, happiness, health and wealth into people's lives. In addition, he's created - an on-line technology resource for entrepreneurs that gives them the tools to create and automate their virtual businesses.

But even after finding much personal and professional success, Jim wasn't satisfied. He realized that there was still a missing link between the theories of how to be successful and the practical applications that can actually help get you there. Since then, it has been his aim to bridge these gaps that exist and create fun, effective and powerful experiences that help people and businesses initiate positive and sustainable change.

As a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with other leading experts like Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul, John Gray Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Assaraf and others, Jim has surrounded himself with the best and brightest in personal and professional development. Their work has resulted in the smash hit movie, The Secret and Jim was most recently featured in the new motion picture, Pass It On - an interactive movie experience that delves into questions that everyone has been asking for centuries like, How do become wealthy? What do I do with my ideas? How can someone find their passion? And what does it take to be truly happy?

To follow Jim online, go to If you would like to join our Ultimate Game Community and stay connected to the latest information, tips, programs, and research in creating Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy lives, visit us at


When he's not out creating and inspiring change, you won't find Jim far from his beautiful wife and young son or a beach volleyball court near their home in Del Mar, California.